Website for All

This project aims at instantly providing WordPress website to anyone at our insitute within a few minutes. It was originally developed to create WordPress websites for the clubs at IIITB. It uses docker containers to instantly spawn up a WordPress instance for users. Presently the project is being tested out by different clubs at IIITB.…

Placement Brochure Website

A placement brochure in the form of a website for the college’s Placement Committee which is sent to companies for inviting them to our college for placements and offers. The website states details regarding the students sitting for the placements, courses that they have studied along with the college’s details like infrastructure etc.
Made solely in HTML, CSS (Bootstrap template) and JavaScript.

Railway Notify

Railway Notify gives trail travellers updates on the upcoming stations after they register using the website. It helps you have an estimate of when you will be reaching your station through SMS, which is usually available to most people during travel.

Virtual Stock Guru

Virtual Stock Guru is a virtual stock trading game. This game pulls in the latest stock values of various companies listed on and NSE and NYSE and let users trade on them with Virtual Cash. It’s a good simulation platform to let users test on their stock market skills without actually investing real money. We…