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About Zense

Zense is a community of developers run and managed by the students of IIIT Bangalore.

Our aim is to unite passionate developers and provide them a platform to collaborate and innovate with other geeky folks.

What makes Zense special?

Here are three things that make us different.

Student Governed Body!

All affairs and projects are managed by the students. No college body can interfere with your ideas!

Partnered with E-Cell at IIITB

We have collaborated with Entrepreneurship Cell at IIIT Bangalore to promote the Entreprenurship culture amongst our group.

Charge Your Ideas

Have some ideas but don't have the skills? Come collaborate with other members of our community.

We have a bunch of cool projects!

Why don't you check them out?

Our Aims and Objectives

Collaborative Community

To establish a community that promotes a Do-It-Yourself culture and quench your thirst for knowledge. You can get your idea and collaborate with people with the appropriate skill set for your ideas.

Promote Entreprenuership

We want to create an entrepreneurial culture. Each day we see some new idea in the industry and oh boy, these ideas are coming quick. We will provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to bring forth their idea and acquire the necessary skills and implement it.

The Cutting Edge

We want to keep in touch with the bleeding edge of new technologies and experiment with cool new tools and services. With new things being released each day it is harder and harder to keep in touch with the pace of technology. This community will help you catch up.

And Finally...

Think. Innovate. Create. Zense encourages people to talk about tackle various problems, we want you to think about viable solutions to these problems. Everybody can tell how bad a problem is but only a few come out with solutions to these problems.