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First hacknight in campus on 14th April

For the first time Zense is planning to organize a hacknight in campus.

You can partner up in the teams of 2 or 3 and submit ideas in the form provided in the facebook group and sent to you via email. The idea may not be the final idea to be worked upon later, but it should be similar to that you propose now.
Topic for the Hacknight: Hack a solution to any problem in college.
For e.g. in domains like Administration, Campus Safety, Security, Things that assist in classrooms and many more.
During the hacknight, you’ll be working on your idea, presenting your thoughts and implementation on it and make a basic prototype of it.
Judging will be done on 15th April,2018 after the lunch so that you take some rest after the hacknight. Judging will be done by Ramesh Sir from the Innovation Centre.
Prizes for top 6 teams worth INR 5000.