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Hello!! Today I thought I’d talk about my first open-house session in Zense conducted by Vikas Yadav.

The Session

The session was conducted on the software development cycle and some of the basic tools one would use while starting off with software development. The session was very well structured logically to ensure that it was assimilated by all the students in attendance.

Vikas bhayya started off with a brief enumeration of some tools he used when he was starting off and the need for such tools.

  • Git
  • Virtualbox
  • Vagrant
  • Docker The tools were all explained in a very concise and informative manner to kindle our interests.

But, the main takeaway from this session for me was the software development cycle, that is, the history of software development and the notion of all of us being mere specks in the creation of software. We were given the example of Facebook and Netscape to make us realise the magnitude of work that goes on under the hood. The two projects were compared based on the idea and the management that went on in the background. Also with the example of Facebook we were given valuable insight into where people of different interests come in the big picture. We learnt the role of algorithmists, linux enthusiasts, application developers and most importantly management. I learnt that with each role there comes a multitude of work and dedication, which is an essential for good project health. The interdependance of these people with varying interests accounts for the need to write good code. We were told of the different aspects associated with writing code like making it extensible, scalable,flexible, fast and optimized for the use cases.

The discussion on the software development cycle was thought provoking and useful. It put into perspective the nature of work one had to perform to fit into the bigger picture and be of use to the world at large.

Concluding thoughts

I genuinely enjoyed the chance to be able to interact with someone who had experience in my field of interest and learn of nuances that the internet could not have given me. And I would look forward to more such sessions by both Vikas bhayya and others so that guys like me are motivated to do something useful with the resources we have been given.

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