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Hackathon - What to expect?

I am sure you all must have heard about a lot of hackathons happening around you. When I came to college I had no ideas what they were. 2013 was the time when hackathons picked up real fast around Bangalore. There was a hackathon being organized every other weekend by big companies and I remember how much fun it used to be to attend them.

I won't rewrite what's already written so I am posting a few links to help you understand.

What is a Hackathon?
Why do people participate in hackathon?

These two answers on quora basically explain everything that I or anyone else could tell you about hackathons. So if you're interested in tech and like meeting like minded people then do try attending good hackathons around you. And btw, some of our seniors have got some really good job offers due to hackathons ;)

Now, coming to the hacknight part that Zense is organizing. First of all Zense hacknight is not a hackathon but it something on similar lines. The whole idea of the hacknight we are organizing is to meet with developers in campus and interact with them to come up with new ideas to work on. Have an efficient solution for a problem around you? You think you can help make it better by using technology? Well, pitch your idea, discuss it with others to refine it further and get help on making it a reality.The idea is that everyone will be working toge

Why attend this hacknight?
There are many reasons for you to attend the hacknight. Firstly, the theme of the hacknight is to solve problems related to campus. We all discuss how different things in campus can be made better with technology, many of us have ideas but don't know how to work on them. Also in our busy schedule we barely get time to think of working on these things but in a hacknight we can meet with each other, discuss our ideas, refine them and work on them. Also during the hackathon you can get help from others who have worked on different technologies who can help you.

Hopefully at the end of the hacknight you will get a taste of teamwork and how projects are planned. We will keep you guys posted about further details.