Docker Installation- Mac or Ubuntu

Docker is an amazing software. It has numerous uses and can be useful in multiple ways. Explaining what docker exactly is out of the scope of this blog. The instructions given below are only for installation. If you want to know more about docker you can visit

For Mac users:

You can download the Docker for Mac from here . Click on the “Get Docker” and your .dmg file will be downloaded, install the .dmg file.

To check if your installation is working fine or not type:

docker run hello-world

If you can see “Hello from docker” then you are done!

For Ubuntu users:

curl -sSL | sh
# After the above script finishes execution completely
# Replace <your_user> with your username 
sudo usermod -aG docker <your_user>

NOTE: Docker installation is done. You have to log out and in log to start using docker.

After logging back in check if the following command is running successfully or not

docker run hello-world

If it does then your docker installation is done.

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