Getting Started with Virtualization – Part 1

For the past 1 year I have been working extensively on Virtualization. Lately I have started working with Openstack. This is a very rapidly changing field as new innovations are happening in it everyday. No matter what you are interested in, chances are you are already using Virtualization regularly. I have been getting queries on how to get started with this so I thought of writing a blog series about it here.

First read up about Virtualization on Wikipedia

Then try installing virtualBox and running a VM on it. Preferrably Ubuntu
Then read up about hypervisors, Wikipedia is a good starting point but explore other links as well till you understand properly what hypervisors are. Refer to these links in order

Once you know the basics of Virtualization, now read up on why do we actually need Virtualization

Now time to go into a bit depth to understand the technology better. I would suggest you to read and understand all these whitepapers.

This paper might be a little tough but if you can understand it, it’ll be awesome, skip things if you are getting stuck:

If you have covered all these articles properly, you’ll have a good idea about what Virtualization is and why do we need it. Now the next step would be to understand how Virtualization is implemented and how you can use it to make your life simpler. More on that in the next blog post. 🙂

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